Aerial Intelligence
Watchmen Systems deploys the latest technologies in Unmanned Aerial Systems and Remotely Piloted Systems to provide intelligent solutions for data gathering and decision making across multiple sectors. We provide deeper insights into current status and provide predictive analysis through aerial surveillance for Security, Agriculture, Construction, Oil and Gas, Marine and Land Transportation, e.t.c.
Defence and Security
We are experienced in providing technological solutions for defense and security. We offer customizable tech systems that help organizations and security outfits maximize their manpower, monitor their spaces and infrastructure, curate their database effectively, and sync with multiple systems for effective control.
Finance Technology
With the exponential growth of online transactions for both monetary and commerce platforms, there is a commensurate advancement in solutions for secure online exchanges. Watchmen Systems offers cutting edge and customizable technologies to help banks, retail outfits, e-commerce platforms, and organizations dealing with payment receipt and processing.
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