Welcome to WatchMen Systems Solutions!

Watchmen Systems as a business is built on four cardinal values which are DEAR to every client. These values define the nature of our services and personalize our response to your needs and goals. Beyond the transaction, these values establish the basis for a lifelong relationship and partnership that ensures all our clients continuously achieve their vision.
Who We Are
Watchmen Systems is an innovative company that provides expertise in technology-based solutions for Defense and Security, Agriculture, Banking, Transportation, Construction, Finance, Entertainment, Oil and Gas.
What We Do
Our services cover the use and management of the latest technologies in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Surveillance, Cyber Security Mechanisms, Financial Technology Tools, as well as Defense Apparatus. With functional partnerships to global industry leaders in modern technologies, we bring advanced and impacting solutions that affect the bottom-line of organizations which seek to deliver high-quality services and products to their customers.
How We Do It?
Our team is made up of experts from an extensive background covering, the Military, UAVs/RPVs, Oil and Gas, Law, Civil Engineering, Electrical Electronics, Agriculture, and Public Policy. This also means your project will receive the best possible multifocal analysis with the view to providing personalized and effective solutions for all your peculiar needs. With our ability to gather critical information through our modern tools, we are here to help you make intelligent business decisions.

Our Core Values

We approach each request with the utmost focus and attention
Our goal is to make you outstanding in your business goals.
Because of sound character, you will enjoy working with our team.
We promise what we can deliver, and deliver more than we promised.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team is made up of experts from an extensive background covering, the Military, UAVs/RPVs, Oil and Gas, Law, Civil Engineering, Electrical Electronics, Agriculture, and Public Policy.
Francis Bassey
Francis Bassey
Francis is a Geoscientist with over 30 years experience spanning the Oil/Gas and Solid Mineral industries. An astute technician and businessman, Francis has trudged severally between highly technical functions and business development services for multinationals and local businesses. He offers a multilevel understanding of the analytical science required to deliver solid technology solutions for client needs.
Reginald Bassey
Co-Founder/Director, Business Development
Reginald Bassey
Reggie has over 10 years experience a public policy analyst and advisor for public and private businesses. He is an avid researcher of modern technologies, a UAV Pilot, and has a keen interest in Aerial Intelligence. A serial creative, Reggie delivers on tasks with an eye for innovative approaches to problem-solving.
Muyiwa Akinyele
Director, Legal & Corporate Affairs
Muyiwa Akinyele
Akinyele comes with over 34 years experience in Air and Space Law, International Law of the Sea, International Relations, the Military, Defence, Strategic Studies and Public Administration. His multi-sector intelligence gives him the capacity for deep intelligence analysis, security architecture systems, and policy/ legal perspectives to organizational goals.
Tolulope Fatunbi
Director, Technical Services
Tolulope Fatunbi
Tolulope is an IT specialist, SME Researcher, Emerging Markets Specialist, branding expert and consultant with neo-research activities on industrial building automation security system and aerial intelligence data gathering/analysis. He is experienced in deploying modern technologies such as Aerial Robotics, VR, AR and Blockchain. He is presently undergoing a special training course on UAVs in Spain as the only representative from Africa.
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