Watchmen System is the only official distributor of DJI Agras in Nigeria. DJI is the foremost maker of consumer, enterprise, and agriculture drones in the world. DJI Agriculture was born in 2015 and is committed to providing intelligent solutions through drone technology, facilitating agricultural innovation and development on a global scale. At present, DJI has successfully released a wide array of crop protection drones, including the T10, T30, T40 as well as P4 Multispectral and Phantom 4 RTK. DJI has also introduced a dedicated software called the DJI Agriculture Data Management Platform. With tools servicing over 30 countries in multiple regions, DJI Agriculture has empowered over 10 million professionals with intelligent farming solutions.

U.F.O Aerial Services Limited is one of Nigeria’s foremost solution providers in the UAVs industry. With expansive experience in the oil and gas sector, training and consultancy, U.F.O has deployed from simple to highly advanced tools in surveillance, inspection, and maintenance for several companies including government owned entities.

Aerial insights was founded in 2015 and is a pioneer of the unmanned surveying, mapping, and inspection industry. 

Their complete knowledge of advanced sensing technologies, such as LiDAR, Hyperspectral, and High-Resolution RGB, is enabling our clients to gain new insights and make actionable and informed decisions. 

We leverage their partnership for services on surveys, invasive species map, facility inspection, or city orthophoto.  Their team of specialists have mastered the art of data acquisition, from VTOL fixed-wing aircraft, capable of flying up-to 6+ hours, to multi-rotor UAS capable of flying indoors.  Together, we deliver the best in resolution, accuracy, and response time.

DCPL is a leading business risk consultancy, committed to protecting personnel, assets, profits, and reputation. Their Information & Response (IR) teams are recognized experts in delivering a highly responsive and proactive resource in challenging and demanding situations. With significant expertise in post-conflict and developing regions, their bespoke, flexible and fully supportive security solutions embrace cultural diversity regardless of origin.

DCPL also provides UAV Inspection Services using state of the art drones, image capture, analytics technology, process and documentation methodology for the most demanding clientele.

Their UAV Inspection Service includes: Oil and Gas Inspection and Survey (Onshore and Offshore), Telecom Tower Inspection, Agriculture Monitoring, and Land Survey, Incident Assessment Report, Building Construction & Progress Report, Solar Panel Inspection, and Bridge & Railway Inspections.

Yarmotek is an Ouagadogou based technology company specializing in Geomatics, Electronic Security and Data Processing. They are Africa’s major distributor of Digital Eagle UAVs for high-end users such as military and security surveillance and reconnaissance. The also specializes in the rental, sale, training, and maintenance of professional drones of various types.

For Geomatics they offer the design of maps, GIS databases, and mobile web mapping and GIS applications. Other services include the acquisition and geo-processing of data from satellite imagery and drones, inventory of environmental and infrastructural resources by GPS, smartphones, and drones, as well as thermal remote sensing, radar, radio, infrared, near-infrared, laser and other electromagnetic waves assisted by drones.

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