We use the power of aerial intelligence to improve the speed and capacity to gather reliable data. Through aerial surveillance we create digital twins of Oil and Gas assets, detect critical changes in environmental conditions around assets, powerful visual analytics through artificial intelligence for inventory management, improve security monitoring for employee safety, use of powerful sensors to detect chemical changes in the atmosphere, e.t.c.


Beyond the well-known terrain survey services, our UAVs are able to produce accurate 3-D soil analysis for all forms of farming terrain to aid planting, as well as post soil analysis to aid yield increasing approaches. We also deploy drones with the appropriate payload to delivery crop spraying far quicker and safer than traditional methods. With the availability of powerful sensors for thermal, hyperspectral and multispectral analysis, we can provide a detailed analysis of soil and plant health to allow more accurate targeting of farm improvement methods.


Through aerial inspections, we produce accurate site intelligence for all your construction needs. From 3D modeling of whole sites to site inspection and data mapping, we use the latest technologies to help you capture true digital representations of buildings and present structures, producing orthomosaics that help proper contextualization of the construction environment.


We provide high-level security detailing from aerial surveillance for every business. With our tethered drones, we can provide continuous surveillance for perimeter sensitive business infrastructure over longer periods of time. We also provide scheduled security surveillance through automated sitemaps and flight plans to cover active and nonactive periods of human activity.


The power of perspective in capturing great visual images for movie and photography production or simply for learning cannot be overemphasized. We offer some of the best UAVs that can enhance your production value and deliver aerial images with high-def cinematic quality. Also, with the increasing interest in immersive learning, we can provide the tools for great 360 degrees videos for capturing the natural and built environment, particularly for Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

And Many More

We also provide many more services even to your doorstep.


December 2018
Drone Coverage in Africa

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